Our Coin Club at Summer F.U.N. 2017 - Come join us for Winter F.U.N. January 9-12, 2021

We welcome people interested in coins, currency, medals, tokens, and other collectibles.

We invite you to visit our meeting, listen to the program, participate in our auction, and generally discover what we do as the Ocala Coin Club. 

We appreciate men, women, teens, and children to be a part of this interesting hobby! 

Contact us​:

The Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC) was established in 1986 to coordinate and collaborate initiatives between law enforcement and the numismatic community in "Targeting Numismatic Crimes Around the World."  NCIC is devoted to exclusively to assist law enforcement, collectors, dealers and victims during the investigation of numismatic crimes and to provide the necessary tools and resources to effectively investigate the complex challenges encountered during these types of investigations.

The NCIC maintains a website, crime database, conducts accredited law encorcement training programs and issuessd crim alert bulletins to over 8,000 members.  These bulletins provide a valuable networking capabilithy and keeps law enforcement and the numismatic community informed of on-going criminal activity and conduct.  Your support and participation helps.  Tax deductible donations can be sent to NCIC, P.O. Box 14080, Arlington, Texas 76094 or via PayPal at www.numismaticcrimes.org. 

Check them out at their website.  Learn of their work. numismaticcrimes.org

​​Ocala Coin Club

meets the fourth Tuesday

​at 6:30 p.m.

The ​American Legion Post

"The Coleman Building" at

2001 SE 32nd Ave.  Ocala.

​6:00 p.m. building opens

​6:30 meeting

​Are you looking for something special?  Are you hunting for a particular coin or piece of currency?  why not contact us and we can ask our members to bring those items to our auction!  We send e-mails to our members previous to each monthly meeting, and we can include your requests (without your name, of course) on those monthly announcements.  This just might get you the special coin or bill you've been seeking,.  Let us help you hunt and make your collection complete!  Drop us an e-mail from this site!

​​Welcome to the Official Site of The Ocala Coin Club!