​​​​​                  Ocala Coin Club Library Books purchased or donated to the club includes:

     U.S. Coinage

    Red Book: on Lincoln Cents, Q. David Bowers (2008)           

    The RPM Book 2nd Edition: Lincoln Cents,  James Wiles (1997)

    Complete Guide to Buffalo Nickels,  David Lange  (2006) 

    United States Dimes, Quarters, and Half Dollars, Q. David Bowers (1986)

​    United States Standing Liberty Quarters,  J. H. Cline (1986) and 4th edition (2007)
    Complete Guide To Washington Quarters, John Feigenbaum (1994)

    Early Half Dollar Varieties  1794-1836, 2nd Edition,  AL C. Overton  (1970)

    A Numismatic History & Analysis: Type II Double Eagles 1866-1876, Michael Fujenz and Douglas Winter (2002)

    United States Gold Counterfeit Detection Guile, Bill Fivaz (2001)

    The 100 Greatest U.S. Coins, Jeff Garrett   (2003)

    Red Book: on type coinage,  Q. David Bowers (2005)

    United States Clad Coinage, Ginger Rapsus  (1982)

   World Coinage

    Brown Book, World Coinage 1850-1964,  Yoeman  (2008)

    Catalog World Coins 1901-2000  (2009)

    Canadian Coin, Tokens, and Paper Money (2010)

    Canadian Coin    (2004 and 2005)

    Auction Guide:  Schulman BV, World Coinage (2018)

   Grading Guides
​    Official A.N.A. Grading Standards for United States Coins, Ken Bressett & A. Kosoff (1981)
​    New Photograde for United States Coins, James F. Ruddy (1972)
​    N.C. I. Grading Guides, James L. Halperin (1986)

   General Information

    The Numismatist's Bed Side Companion, Q. David Bowers (1987)
    Civil War Token Society Edition 3 Volume 11-16  (1997)

    Civil War Token Society Edition 4 Volume 16-20  (1997)

    The Medal of the Month Club, Felcity Buranell   (2012)

​    An Ethnographic Study of Traditional Money, Charles J. Opitz (2000)

​    Heritage Auction FUN show   (January 2013,2016,2017,2020)

    The Numismatist - various issues

   Yearly Coin Pricing Guides

    Red Book: on Red Book collecting,  Frank Colletti  (2009)

    The Investor's Guide to U.S. Coin Values, 20th Edition, Scott A. Travers (2012)

    Coin Catalog 2005  Dr. Roderick Hugh  (2005)

    Black Book: U.S. Coins  (2003)

    Black Book: U.S. Paper Money (2004 and 2008)

    Various Years of the Red Book


​If you would like to borrow a book, just send us an email and Librarian will bring the book to the next club meeting. 

You are welcome to use the book for reference, for reading, for research, and return it to him in the next month. Thank you for reading, using, and supporting our club's library. 

If you wish to donate books to the OCC Library you may do at any meeting.

​Thank you for improving your numismatic knowledge!


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