Our hobby thrives on our participation!

​The programs and activities of numismatics are only as successful as we make it.  Our hobby has many diverse interests and possibilities for exploration, so we may choose the activities in which we engage.  To be an entertaining endeavor, we must participate.  No one has to do everything, but we can all do something to share our interests, collections, and numismatic pursuits.  So look over the shows, clubs, and events and invest your time where you can share your hobby with others! 

​​Welcome to the Official Site of The Ocala Coin Club!

Here is a sample of a couvenir card.  These cards are beautiful works of art!  Many are intaglio prints, not merely printed.  They are very collectable.  

The Ocala Coin Club is participating in the A.N.A. Coin Week TRIVIA CONTEST.  WE distributed the question sheets at the last meeting, and will have them on hand again in April.  We need to discover the answers to the 15 questions as we compete with other con clubs across the country!  Last year we were in Tier 2 - we missed one question - so we want to be "perfect" with our answers this year!  If you would help discover the answers, please pick up a sheet of trivia questions and submit your answers by our May 25 meeting so we can mail them in by  June 4!  

  The Ocala Coin Club enriches the collecting experience of coin and currency collectors ranging from novice to experienced numismatists.  We offer educational programs presented by knowledgeable collectors at our meetings, and auctions to help our members build their collections.  Our community is built through bustrips to regional coin shows, carpools to local coin shows, and social gatherings to build relationships with each other. 

The Texas Numismatic Association Coin Show Is ON!

The Texas Numismatic Association Coin show June 4-6,2021 is a "GO". We have been working closely with the Convention Center to make this year's show bigger and better than ever. WE have plenty of space to insure the safety of our dealers and the general public. Since Baltimore has been canceled we expect a sell out.  So sign up quickly if you haven't already. (Deposits or table fees paid in full from dealers who signed up for the 2020 show have been rolled over to TNA 2021 if anything has changed please let us know). 

The Texas Rangers will be in town and dealers can experience the new Texas Live entertainment complex adjacent to the stadium. Texas Live has numerous restaurants and music (Troy Aikman Steakhouse, Pudge Rodriguez Pizza, NFR Rodeo Bar, 50 foot screen TV for sporting events along with over 200 additional Televisions throughout the complex). Minutes from Fort Worth and Dallas entertainment centers.  Plus we are only 15mins from the DFW International airport.( Six Flags, Wet & Wild and AT&T Cowboy Stadium within walking distance)
The Arlington Sheraton is our host hotel and is adjacent to the convention center. 

​This is a request to help a Club Member locate a few souvenir cards.  If you have collected them and want to give/trade/or sell them, there is collector looking for a few F.U.N. Souvenir cards.  Thank you. 

Mark Trout, website editor.

Seeking the following Souvenir Cards:

  • Do cards exist for F.U.N. for 2004?  Do cards exist for F.U.N. 2006?
  • Seeking Brown Eagle card B-65  (1964)
  • Seeking State Shields Card B-113  (1989)
  • Seeking the Red Eagle card B-193  (1995)
  • 2020  B-336 (Bureau of Printing & Engraving) of "The Mayflower" that was released at the F.U.N. Show in Orland commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the Landing of the Pilgrims. 

Contact us through the club email:  ocalacc@gmail.com 

Ocala Coin Club Officers

for 2020 -- 2021.

(All terms expire December 31st, 2021)

President:                                    Mark Trout

​Vice President:                   Danny Maloney

Recording Secretary:                 John Miller

​Treasurer:                              Peggy Niccum

Corresponding Secretary:        Rich Selvar

Membership Secretary:           Jim Niccum

​Bourse Chairman:                     Rich Selvar

Auction Coordinator:         Fitz Parramore

​Librarian/Historian:                   John Miller

Program & Events Chair:         Linda Trout