​​​Ocala Coin Club meets the fourth Tuesday ​at 6:30 p.m. ​
​at the VFW Post 4209 @ 4805 NE 36th Ave. in Ocala 34479.  ​​ ​6:00 p.m. building opens; ​6:30 meeting

Our hobby thrives on our participation!

​The programs and activities of numismatics are only as successful as we make it.  Our hobby has many diverse interests and possibilities for exploration, so we may choose the activities in which we engage.  To be an entertaining endeavor, we must participate.  No one has to do everything, but we can all do something to share our interests, collections, and numismatic pursuits.  So look over the shows, clubs, and events and invest your time where you can share your hobby with others! 

​Coin Collecting is a hobby of passion!  We begin a romantic involvement with our thoughts of gold,  or silver, copper, ancients, moderns, foreign, national, U.S. type, currency, tokens, wooden nickels, pressed pennies, souvenir cards, post cards, autographs, stock certificates, and books.  Lots and lots of books, magazines, newspapers, and catalogs.  We love everything about our hobby - auctions, shows, displays, and even internet programs!  The simple collector begins with an interest, but it quickly expands into other areas, collections, and accumulations.  While we think we have some discipline, we discover that we want to upgrade, expand, add varieties, errors, colorized, or even photographs of the ones too expensive to own!

​Everybody collects something - those who collect coins just have the opportunity to join a club, attend a convention, or attend local meetings.  Why not expand your hobby and learn about a new aspect?  You aren't afraid you will "get hooked, are you?"   

  The Ocala Coin Club enriches the collecting experience of coin and currency collectors ranging from novice to experienced numismatists.  We offer educational programs presented by knowledgeable collectors at our meetings, and auctions to help our members build their collections.  Our community is built through bustrips to regional coin shows, carpools to local coin shows, and social gatherings to build relationships with each other. 


​​Welcome to the Official Site of The Ocala Coin Club!

Ocala Coin Club Officers

for 2022 -- 2023.

(All terms expire December 31st, 2023)

President:                                    John Miller

​Vice President:                   Danny Maloney

Recording Secretary:         George Crawford

​Treasurer:                              Peggy Niccum

Corresponding Secretary:        Rich Selvar

Membership Secretary:           Jim Niccum

​Bourse Chairman:                     Rich Selvar

Auction Coordinator:         Fitz Parramore

​Librarian/Historian:                   John Miller