Ocala Coin Club Coin Show

February 7, 8, & 9, 2019!

​Motel 6 in Ocala

​It's time to sign up to help at our coin show!  We need table help, set-up and take-down help.  We need you to help publicize the show and bring friends to shop.  We anticipate a full show - all tables are filled and even dealers are waiting to be with us!  So make your plans now!!!


We took 51 on our bus trip to Winter F.U.N. Show, Thursday, January 10, 2019!​  We want to thank Rich Selvar for securing the bus, arranging the trip and enlisting North Lake C.C. and Buffalo C.C. to join with the Ocala C.C.  We had a great experience at F.U.N.  ​Guests at the show totaled 9,500 people this year compared to 8,000 last winter in Tampa. 

We WON!  The Ocala Coin Club won first place in the Club Exhibits category!  We thank John Miller for setting up our exhibit and enabling us to place 1st!  We also received a certificate from T.E.C. (The Elongated Cent organization for our use of "stretched pennies" known correctly as elongated cents.) 

​John also exhibited his own materials.  He placed 2nd in the Errors category and 3rd place in the Token Category.  He also the only person certified to  become an A.N.A. exhibit judge at this F.U.N. show.  (Six others tried out for this title and only 1 received it!)

​Congratulations to our President, Mark Trout, for bering elected to the F.U.N. Board of Directors.  We appreciate that our nominee received the votes to be elected to this state-wide office; thanks to all who supported him and to the other officers and Board Members who were elected!

MOTEL 6 Conference Center
Route 27 & I-75, Exit 354
3810 Blitchton Road, Ocala Florida 34482

Our hobby thrives on our participation!

The Next Board Meeting of 2019: March 5th, 

​at Stevi B's Pizza Buffet
3101 SW 34th Ave.,  ​Ocala 34477
​​6:00 p.m. order dinner on your own tab. 

​Meeting begins 6:30 p.m.​​

Ocala Coin Club is a proud member club of the

  • American Numismatic Association

Member Club for 50 years

  • Florida United Numismatists Member Club

Please keep us informed of any club member who is hospitalized, who is ill, or needs encouragement for health or other reasons.  We express our sympathy to the family of Danny Sipe who passed away on January 10, 2019.   Linda Trout is in Tampa General Hospital for a lung biopsy.  We share the joys and griefs of life with our members.   If you have news or info, please Email the club.

Our January 22nd Ocala Coin Club meeting contains three distinct portions:

  • we hold our regular business meeting
  • we honor our Numismatists of the Year winner 
  • our program about COIN AUCTIONS! 

Not only does the club offer a monthly auction, we also have auction in the area surrounding us that feature coins, currency and numismatic treasures.  Our Speaker for the program is Dino Miliucci who will talk about these auctions. 




Sold to guy with the bright green

shirt and big smile!

The Ocala Coin Club of Ocala, Florida is formed as an educational organization promoting the perpetuation of numismatic study and fellowship for dealers, collectors, educators, and others interested in coins, currencies, and exonumia. 

Ocala Coin Club membership is $10 per year! JOIN or RENEW your membership in the Ocala Coin Club.  You can put coins in the auction, reserve seats on the bus for coin shows, and you can participate in all the club activities!  See the Membership Chairman Jim Niccum at any monthly meeting. 


We had close to 500 people pass our table at the University of Florida's Museum of Natural History for COLLECTOR'S DAY on Saturday, January 12, 2019.  Rich Selvar, Dino Miliucci, Mark Trout and Daniel Trout represented us handing out foreign coins, wooden nickels, and elongated cents, and fliers for our upcoming coin show.  The four display cases included Proof and Uncirculated coins, some slabbed, some raw, U.S. Currency, foreign currency, cancelled checks, stock certificates, tokens and medals. 

​​Welcome to the Official Site of The Ocala Coin Club!

Martin Luther King, Jr Day - Jan 21, 2019

We are adding the ability to reference some books at our OCC club meetings.  See the new listing on the last tab on our menu and request a book to be read at our monthly meetings!