​Our program for the April meeting brings a returning presenter to our club.  We look forward to have Ray Hertz from Jacksonville come and present his notable program:

​"Would the Real Miss Liberty Stand Up and Take a Walk?"  This progam features a study of the models used for the two U.S. 1916 coins,  the Walking Liberty half dollar and the Standing Liberty Quarter.  Come improve your knowledge of these coins and the story behind them.  Remember:  we meet on the fourth TUESDAY, April 23.  (There are five Tuesdays in April - we DO NOT meet on April 30.  Thanks fo noticing!)

Ocala Coin Club membership is $10 per year! JOIN or RENEW your membership in the Ocala Coin Club.  You can put coins in the auction, reserve seats on the bus for coin shows, and you can participate in all the club activities!  See the Membership Chairman Jim Niccum at any monthly meeting. 

The Ocala Coin Club of Ocala, Florida is formed as an educational organization promoting the perpetuation of numismatic study and fellowship for dealers, collectors, educators, and others interested in coins, currencies, and exonumia. 

MOTEL 6 Conference Center
Route 27 & I-75, Exit 354
3810 Blitchton Road, Ocala Florida 34482

Ocala Coin Club is a proud member club of the

  • American Numismatic Association

Member Club for 50 years

  • Florida United Numismatists Member Club

​​Welcome to the Official Site of The Ocala Coin Club!

We were pleased to have 6 OCC members attending the Florida Token Society meeting held  at the Freedom Public Library on Saturday, March 23.

Thanks to Dino Millucci for our March program.  While not all of our members engage in on line buying of coins, we appreciate knowing that there are other locations, auctions, sites an opportunities to purchase coins for our collections.    Thank you, Dino, for some new and excellent information for us!   

Our April 23 Ocala Coin Club Meeting!

Click on APMEX name to see latest gold & silver values!  ​

Please keep us informed of any club member who is hospitalized, who is ill, or needs encouragement for health or other reasons.    Rich Selvar  is recovering from gall bladder surgery.  Gary Hoctel, Fitz,  and Danny were all at our March meeting.  Mark reported Linda's improvement. Thank you for keeping us informed of those hospitalized or ill.  We share the joys and griefs of life with our members.   If you have news or info, please Email the club.

​News from Jacksonville:  Rick "Biscuit" Bousquett  died  04-03-19, and memorial service was Thursday, 04/11.  Our prayers for his daughter Taylor and adult son. 

​Next meeting of the Florida Paper Money Collectors takes place on Saturday, May 4, at NOON, at Tony Roma's on International Drive in Orlando.  Come be a part of this currency and paper collectibles group.  If you want a ride, speak with Mark. 

Our hobby thrives on our participation!

We had 2,621 visitors to our web site in February! 

National Coin Week is One Week Away!

This annual event is organized by the American Numismatic Association and serves to inform the general public about our hobby.  This year's theme centers on the anniversary of the U.S. Space Program and the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon!  We encourage you to visit the www.money.org web site and bring ideas to our March Board Meeting on ways we can enhance our presence in the greater Ocala area for National Coin Week - April 21-27, 2019!

​The Ocala Coin Club has set up an exhibit at the Freedom Public Library  depicting the collecting appetites of Numismatists!  On display is our club awards, a club shirt, our Wooden Nickel collection, and other items featuring U.S. and world coins, U.S. and world currency, cancelled checks, stock certificates, tokens, medals, periodicals and  books for research and information, and articles from publications that our members has written .  We are thrilled to share the information with the public inviting future members to visit our monthly meetings, the Florida Token Society bi-annual meetings, and the F.U.N. conventions and organization.   Our Secretary and President secured the opportunity and supplied the materials for the exhibit so we can participate in sharing our hobby  for National Coin Week this spring.​

The Next Board Meeting of 2019:

May 7th, 
​at Stevi B's Pizza Buffet
3101 SW 34th Ave.,  ​Ocala 34477
​​6:00 p.m. order dinner on your own tab. 
​Meeting begins 6:30 p.m. 
All  club members are welcome to join us for the Board meeting


Dino Millucci has published the second Issue of a new newsletter. You can get yours at:


OCC passed these out at our March meeting.  We will bring more to our April meeting for your convenience.  This is an opportunity to list your extra items, see what else is for available, and see the ads sponsored by others.  It's a new item for our club members, Northlake and other clubs to buy and sell.  Business cards (one size ad is $10/year.  Classifieds are free.  Include items for sale, wanted, jobs, rides, etc.

​Submit to ocalacc.ads@aol.com or fax to 866.476.9238

Ocala Coin Club Annual Awards

​We are very pleased to announce that the President's Award for 2018 went to JOHN DARR,  club member who has faithfully served the club as our auctioneer for many meetings in the past years.  He is one of our con dealers, but his value as a member and auctioneer has been recognized for his willing service and knowledge at our monthly auctions. 

​In memory of our former President we also annually present the C.L. Wyatt Award.  The C.L. Wyatt for 2018 went to John Miller, the Secretary of the Ocala Coin Club.  John helped us win awards at 2018 (second place) and 2019 (first place) at the Winter F.U.N. shows in the Club Exhibits division.   John not only keeps our minutes for both club and board meetings, he also volunteered to serve as Librarian for our club book library.  From John's numismatic experience, he also contributed the bulk of our "Website Library" that is a page here on our website. 

​To each of these volunteers we express our appreciation for their efforts and are very proud to honor them with a plaque to commemorate this honor.