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MOTEL 6 Conference Center
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Look what's happening in April...

Membership in the Ocala Coin Club is $10 per year!  Applications are available at any monthly meeting.  We invite you to visit with us and then join the Ocala Coin Club! 

​National Coin Week is coming!  This special week designated by the American Numismatic Association is set apart to acknowledge the entire numismatic community!  We are making plans for joining in the celebration of this event on both club and community levels. 

​Gene & Ann Drake celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in March!  Congratulations on your special occasion and best wishes.  Gene will be 92 on his birthday later this month!

​​​​​​​​​​​We appreciate any news of club members who are ill, hospitalized or pass away.  Please send an email to the club address .  We seek to keep our members  informed. Thanks for your help in keeping our "Sunshine Program" working.

​We have an update:  Rose Selvar, having had knee replacement surgery in March, fell upon going home.  She broke her ankle and had to have additional surgery.  She is out of the hospital but in a rehab center in Oxford.  Yes, it was the ankle on the same leg as the knee!  She is off the foot for 8 weeks; and in therapy to help the knee following surgery.

Our April 24th Ocala Coin Club meeting will feature a fascinating program about our fourth and sixth  U.S. Mint Directors, Robert Patterson and Robert M. Patterson!  Alex and John Zieman will be with us from Tampa Coin Club (and West Hernando C.C.) to present a look at the men who reviewed, approved, and were responsible for the early and middle 19th century coin designs.  Their influence affected so many of the designs we recognize, love and respect from the 1800's.  Come hear this father-daughter team and enjoy their program! 

​We will continue our new door prizes that include an American Silver Eagle, a proof set, a copper round, and an educational prize of a subscription to a numismatic publication or membership in F.U.N. or the A.N.A.  There is always the opportunity to win the Treasure Chest just by being present when your name is drawn.  And if you wish to help the club offset the cost of our meeting room, and have some extra dollars for the auction, you may purchase tickets in our 50/50 drawing!  Be sure and greet people when you arrive - somebody may just be the right one to give you another prize!

​We appreciate all of you who have renewed your membership in the Ocala Coin Club!  We still have a few to go, but we have 122 members as of our March 27 meeting! 

​John Miller gave the answer to the NOTY (Numismatist of the Year) question:  The only coin produced at all 7 U.S. mints was the $5 (half eagle) Liberty Head gold!  That's 10 points for all five who answered the question before the meeting started. 

Next Board Meeting: 

May 1, 2018
​Stevie B's Pizza Buffet
3101 SW 34th Ave.,  ​Ocala 34477
​​6:00 p.m. order dinner on your own tab. 

​Meeting begins 6:30 p.m.​​

It's time to sign up for our April 28 Club Picnic!

We will gather at Coehodjoe Park, 4225 NE 35th St., Ocala, at noonand eat at 1:00 p.m. Saturday, April 28th.

Hamburgers, hot dogs, and buns will be provided. 

A sign-up sheet is provided at the APRIL meeting for you to indicate how many will be with you and what you would bring to the carry-in meal! 

We look forward to a great time together!  Horse shoes, ladder ball, balloon toss, BINGO, and hopefully someone would bring a "corn hole" game!  It's a picnic, so let's have some fun!!!

  • American Numismatic Association Member Club for 50 years

  • Florida United Numismatists Member Club

​..and our annual Picnic, too!

 Ocala Coin Club Meetings 2018

Mark your calendar  so you will be here!

April 24  Club meeting

April 28 Club Picnic

​May 1 Board Meeting 

May22 Club meeting

June 26 Club Meeting

July 3 Board Meeting

​​There will be NO fifth Tuesday auctions in 2018. 

​Be sure and check out our Articles page and a bit of history about the Civil War and April!  Also, our club's latest picture at the Winter F.U.N. Show (held in Tampa) is posted for our viewing.  The next bus trip is Thursday, July 12, 2018, to Summer F.U.N. in Orlando!

The Ocala Coin Club of Ocala, Florida is formed as an educational organization promoting the perpetuation of numismatic study and fellowship for dealers, collectors, educators, and others interested in coins, currencies, and exonumia.