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Did you know the US Mint had a location in Manila?

​We seem to know about Philadelphia, Dahlonega, ​​

​Charlotte, New Orleans, Denver, San Francisco,  Carson City and West Point.  But there was one more!

​Our program this month features "The Forgotten Mint" presented by Phil Cambers.  We will find this one most interesting as he shares information about this non-contiguous location of a U.S. mint.

​We truly appreciated John Miller's presentation of the "Difference Between Varieties and Errors."  So many times we have an unusual coin and we aren't sure which label fits it!  We now know that every coin struck by the same dies  look the same - these are varieties.  No two error coins look exactly the same!

​The 1955 double die is a variety.  an off-center strike is an error.  Errors are created by planchet problems, machine/minting mishaps; varieties are created by changes in the dies - like the three-legged Buffalo nickel, the Wide vs. Narrow Susan B. Anthony, and the type B reverse when a proof die is substituted for a circulation strike die.  The power point was supplemented by John having most of the actual coins (both errors and varieties) on hand so we could examine for ourselves.  Thank you, John, for a remarkable program!

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 The remaining Ocala Coin Club Meetings for 2018:

November 13 Board Meeting

​November 27 Club Meeting

****Tuesday December 11,

Christmas Party at Red Lobster

​on State Route 200.

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The Ocala Coin Club of Ocala, Florida is formed as an educational organization promoting the perpetuation of numismatic study and fellowship for dealers, collectors, educators, and others interested in coins, currencies, and exonumia. 

​Be on the lookout for the Winder edition of FUN Topics as it arrives in early November.  The Ocala Coin Club has received a mention in multiple articles and you will not want to miss it!  

If you are a F.U.N. member, be sure and watch your mail!  Use your ballot and vote for our President, Mark Trout, as he has been nominated to be a Director of F.U.N. for 2019-2020!  

Please keep us informed of any club member who is hospitalized, who is ill, or needs encouragement for health or other reasons.  We share the joys and griefs of life with our members - if you help us keep in touch.  Email the club, or communicate with our Sunshine Person, Wade Harrell.  Thank you!!!

​At our October meeting we announced the deaths of two our club members:  Steve Kidd and Dick Heintz.  Two more club members passed away this week.  On October 23rd, Edwin Blow passed away after a lengthy illness; Ed Gervinski die October 25 from Lukemia.  Our hobby mourns the passing of J.T. Stanton (author of "The Cherrypicker's Guide),  Steve Ratliff, President of the Florida Token Society, and Barry Ciociola, a North Carolina dealer.  We express our condolences to their families and friends.

It was good to see Ray Wells at the meeting!  He is awaiting hernia surgery later this month.  Rose Selvar is continuing her recovery will remove the boot soon! 


MOTEL 6 Conference Center
Route 27 & I-75, Exit 354
3810 Blitchton Road, Ocala Florida 34482

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Last Board Meeting of 2018: November 13, ​Stevi B's Pizza Buffet
3101 SW 34th Ave.,  ​Ocala 34477
​​6:00 p.m. order dinner on your own tab. 

​Meeting begins 6:30 p.m.​​

You can win recognition for helping your club by participating in the N.O.T.Y. program!

​All points must be turned in by the end of the November 27th meeting Prizes will be awarded based on total points for 2018.   

First Place:  a 2018 Silver Eagle

​2nd & 3rd places:  1 oz. Silver Round

4th-10th places:  A Redbook or F.U.N. bus ride

​11th-20th places:  an OCC Souvenir Certificate.

Board Members/Officers are NOT ELLIGIBLE to compete.  This is for our club members who assist the club in our activities!  Thanks for competing for N.O.T.Y.

​Bus Trip to Winter F.U.N. Show, Orlando - January 10, 2019 - $10 per seat; sign up soon!  Seats are filling on our 55 passenger bus!  Depart Motel 6 Ocala 8:30 am; old Winn-Dixie lot Rte. 44 & US 301, Wildwood 9:00 am.

​Christmas Party - Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at

Red Lobster on S.R. 200 - 6:30 p.m.

Reservations required - $5 to hold your place!

​A program and a 10 lot AUCTION

to follow for "the good of the club!" 

Auction includes:

​1881-O Uncirculated Morgan Dollar

​1883-O Uncirculated Morgan Dollar

​1954 Proof Set   

2012 Mint Set

10 crisp uncirculated $10 bills

​2 crisp uncirculated $100 bills

​a 1/10 ounce US gold Eagle

​3 crisp uncirculated $100 bills!

​2 more lots of at least $50 retail value!

​All members receive a crisp $10 after the dinner.  Your $5 reservation is also returned if you keep your reservation!