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Ocala Coin Club membership is $10 per year!  Applications are available at any monthly meeting.  We invite you to visit with us and then join the Ocala Coin Club! 

Next Board Meeting: July 3, 2018
​Stevi B's Pizza Buffet
3101 SW 34th Ave.,  ​Ocala 34477
​​6:00 p.m. order dinner on your own tab. 

​Meeting begins 6:30 p.m.​​

Get ready for our June 26 Ocala Coin Club Meeting!

​First of all, be ready to answer the "Numismatist of the Year" (NOTY) Question that is posed by our club secretary John Miller.  This month John asks:  "What year is the first coated planchet on which a U.S. Coin was struct?   Supply your answer to John before the start of the June meeting to earn another 10 points in our contest.  And as you think about your participation points, please remember:  the OCC Board decided that no officer could win the "NOTY" award so that everyone in the club could participate on the same level!  It's quite a contest - and we want it to be available to every member, not merely the officers and up-front people!   ​So keep attending, participating and answering questions so you can be in the "Top 20" Winners of the NOTY!

​​ ​​

It's OK to ask!  E-mail us your request and we will publish the "Wanted Coins/Items" for our auction.  We will omit names; you are not required to bid if it's not to your satisfaction either by quality or price.  It's just an opportunity to help the consignors to bring saleable merchandise to the monthly auction! 

For our June auction, we have requests for:

​1.  Sacajawea /Native American dollars for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018:  P, D Uncirculated and S Proofs.

2.  Wanted:  U.S. Marshalls 2015 Commemorative Half dollar in both Uncirculated and Proof. 

​3.  Wanted:  Civil War Tokens; Hard times pieces.​​

​Our May meeting was excellent!  We had two new members, two new guests, and a really attention-keeping program by Doug Riley on "Name That Coin" that challenged the veteran numismatist and encouraged the beginning collector.  Thank you, Doug!

​​Ray Wells has been diagnosed with bladder cancer and is undergoing surgery in July .

Steve Kidd - in and out of rehab. with kidney problems; undergoing dialysis.

Rose Selvar home!  ​ Continues physical therapy at home, and taking steps with a walker!  Recovery continues from knee replacement and broken ankle.

We are glad to see Fitz Parramore at Club Meeting almost as Fitz is glad to see us as he recovers from eye surgery!

Rebecca Beasley is battling with diabetes and has recently been in the hospital. 

We express our sympathy to the family, friends and customers of Harry Fulton, a member of the West Hernando Coin Club.   ​

Ocala Coin Club is a proud member club of the

  • American Numismatic Association

Member Club for 50 years

  • Florida United Numismatists Member Club

The Ocala Coin Club of Ocala, Florida is formed as an educational organization promoting the perpetuation of numismatic study and fellowship for dealers, collectors, educators, and others interested in coins, currencies, and exonumia. 

Thank you for visiting our web site.  We had 2,210 visits in the month of May!  Keep checking back with us - we update regularly and will list your coin show on our "Shows" page.

MOTEL 6 Conference Center
Route 27 & I-75, Exit 354
3810 Blitchton Road, Ocala Florida 34482

Details of our July 12 Bus Trip to Orlando for Summer FUN Show details is on the

"ABOUT" tab.  Click for details!

​Our next Collect-o-rama will be July 24, 2018.  Four of your 10 lots may be non-numismatic items you wish to sell.

When you come to our auction at coin club, are you looking for a particular coin?  Is there something that you wish would be on the table for your bidding?  Are you hoping another member will bring the right piece, the right book, the right item for which you may bid?

Our program presenter for June 26th OCC meeting is Tony Bonero.  Not only is he a member of the F.U.N. Board of Directors, he's a member of the Jacksonville Coin Club (and others), and

​a returning presenter to OCC.  Tony will bring a program on "Lady Liberty." 

 Ocala Coin Club Meetings 2018

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June 26 Club Meeting

July 3 Board Meeting

​July 12 FUN Show Bus Trip

July 24 Club Meeting​​ 

August 28 Club Meeting