Half Dollar Websites... 

Capped Bust Half Dollar Attribution Guide:      http://www.coinzip.com/bustieguide/index.php

Contemporary Counterfeit Capped Bust Half:     http://www.cccbhcc.com/

Franklin-Lover's  Homepage:     http://www.franklinlover.yolasite.com/

Kennedy Half Dollar, Guide To Kennedy Half Dollar Coin Series:      http://kennedyhalfdollars.net/

Kennedy Half Dollar:     http://www.kennedyhalfdollar.com/


Dollars Websites...

 The Society Of Silver Dollar Collectors  http://www.ssdcvams.com/

Vam World:     http://www.vamworld.com/

The Ike Group:     http://www.ikegroup.info/

ANACS 1972 Type 2 Eisenhower Dollar Die Markers:
http://www.anacs.com/(A(6t5799GVzQEkAAAANWJjMzlhNWQt OTk4ZS00NGUzLTk1ZWItMDM0ODY0N2RhZDFjbxr0QMffE9ZFsbMM d4ZXO_Fnao1)S(yke2vraehxremqn3ilxriy45))/contentPages/ShowAr ticle.aspx?ID=51

Small Dollars:  http://www.smalldollars.com

The * indicates the book autographed by at least one of the authors.

Red Book Hardback Edition 1947 to 2018                          every issue

Red Book: Half Cent and Large Cents

Red Book: Flying Eagle and Indian Cents

Indian Cent Attribution Guide 1859-1860*

Red Book: Lincoln Cents

Complete Lincoln Cent Encyclopedia                                   published 1996

Complete Guide to Lincoln Cents                                         published 2005*

Lincoln Cents Doubled Dies                                                   published 1984

Authoritative Reference To Lincoln Cents varieties          published 2009*

Price Guide to Lincoln Cent Mint Mark Varieties               published 1999*

2009 Lincoln Cent Rail Splitters top 50 Doubled Dies      published 2010

Comprehensive Guide to Lincoln Cent RPMs                     published 2003

RPM Book Second Edition Lincoln Cents                            published 1997*

Lincoln Cents RPM Update                                                     published 2003

Classification & values to Errors of Lincoln Cents            published 1969*

Get Your Two Cents Worth                                                    published 1994

Jefferson Nickel Analysts                                                        published 2002*

Best of Jefferson Nickels Doubled Dies Varieties             published 2002

Photographs of Jefferson Nickel Varieties                         published 2015*

Treasure Hunting Mercury Dimes                                        published 1999

Richards Roosevelt Review                                                    published 1997*

Complete Guide To Barber Quarters                                  published 1989

Standing Liberty Quarters                                                     published 1997*

Complete Guide To Washington Quarters                         published 1994

2 Months of Gray Sheet with article on Type B Quarters    published 2015

Early Half Dollars Varieties 1794-1836                               published 1970

Complete Guide To Barber Halves                                      published 1991

Treasure Hunting Franklin and Kennedy Halves             published 2003

Red Book: Morgan Silver Dollars

Guide To Morgan and Peace Dollars VAMs                        published 1971

Dollar Varieties and Errors                                                      published 1979*

Top 100 VAM Keys                                                                      published 2009

Authoritative Reference To Eisenhower Dollars              published 2007

The United States Clad Coinage                                             published 1992

American Silver Eagles                                                              published 2016*

Cameo and Brilliant Proof Coins 1950-1970                       published 1991

Walter Breen's Encyclopedia                                                 published 1988

Silver and Gold Commemorative Coins                               published 1981

Red Book: United States Type Coins

100 greatest U.S. Coins  

1000 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins

Top 50 Most popular Modern U.S. coins                            published 2012

Red Book: Modern World Coins 1850-1964                      published 2008

Canada's Coins                                                                        published 2004

World Coin Price Guide 1901-2000                                     published 2009

World Coin Price Guide 2001-2009                                     published 2009

Unusual World Coins      

World Paper Money  1368-1960

World Paper Money  1961-2005

Canada Paper Money                                                             published 2007

United States Paper Money                                                  published 2006

Confederate States Paper Money                                        published 2012


Red Book: United States Mints

Money Of The Bible

Standard Catalog of U.S. altered & Counterfeit Coins       published 1979

Counterfeit Detection Guide                                                    published 20001*

Numismatic Forgeries                                                                published 2004

Counterfeit, Misstruck, & unofficial U.S. Coins                    published 1976

How Error Coins Are Made                                                       published 1981

Error Coin Encyclopedia                                                           published 2004*

Mint Errors                                                                                  published 2002

Modern Minting Process & Mint Errors, Varieties              published 2011*

Design Cud                                                                                  published 1979

One Minute Coin Expert                                                          published 2007

Coin Collectors Survivors Guide                                            published 2008

Coin Collectors For Dummies                                                published 2008

Numismatic Photography                                                      published 2008

Coin Chemistry                                                                         published 2010

Grading Coins by Photographs                                             published 2008

NGC Grading Guide To Modern U.S. Coins                        published 2004

PCGS Coin Grading & Counterfeit Detection                     published 1999

ANA Grading Standards                                                         published 2017

Making The Grade*

Encyclopedia of Doubled Dies                                              published 1978*

Cherry Pickers Guide Volume 1                                            published 2015

Cherry Pickers Guide Volume 2                                            published 2012

Fascinating Facts, mysteries, & Myth about U.S. Coins   published 2009

Coin Clinic 1001 Facts                                                             published 1985

Coin Clinic 2 1001 more Facts                                              published 1985

Coins Questions And Answers                                             published 1988

Byers Guide To U.S. Gold Coins                                           published 1989



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These books are available for any member to view at our club meetings.  The Librarian will bring the books requested so that you may read it before, during or after the meeting.

Please email the Librarian at least two days before the meeting so he can bring the requested books.

This Library is personally owned and will be available for use; you may request any of these titles.   bring any of my books to a club meeting. any member can look and read it while at the meeting..

Cent Websites...

Large Cents and Half Cents:      http://www.earlycoppers.com/
Another website on Large Cents and Half Cents:  http://www.earlycoppercoins.com/

Large cents:     http://www.largecents.net/

Eagle Eye Coins:  http://www.indiancent.com/index.php

Flying Eagle And Indian Cent Wiki:   http://indiancent.wikispaces.com/

The Lincoln Cent Forums:        http://www.lincolncentforum.com/  

The Lincoln Cent Resource:         http://www.lincolncentresource.com/

Copper Coins: A Lincoln Cent Variety Reference             http://www.coppercoins.com/

Lincoln Cents: Some General Lincoln Cent Information            http://lincolncents.net/

Wikipedia Lincoln Mintage Figures:           http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincoln_cent_mintage_figures

Marilyn Keeney's Coin Corner (Specializing In 2009 Doubled Die Cents)                  http://marilynkeeneyscoincorner.webs.com/

Lincoln Cent Variety Collector:

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