It's Christmas in Florida

No snow - that is true

But palm tree and green grass

And flowers blooming, too.

Tourists at beaches

Going in for a swim

Stores gaily decorated

Beckoning people in!

The holly - the carols

The Christmas tree lights

All of this in Florida;

Without cold, shivery nights!

It's nice here at Christmas

With the sun allaglow.

I like it much better

​Than the ice and the snow!

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This old man was bussing tables and washing dishes for $4.45 an hour.  Now if that were a high school student, or even a kid in college, that might be acceptable.  But for a 42 year-old retired NBA star in 1984, it wasn't much.  After scoring 12,623 career points during his eight seasons with the Chicago Bulls and being named to the all-star team three times, Bob Love retired from basketball.

He hurt his back.  But he also stuttered.  His lifelong disability, this speech impediment of stuttering had kept him out of the last two minutes of basketball games so that he wouldn't be interviewed.  It kept him out of jobs.  It also caused his fie to walk away saying that she didn't want to be married to a stutterer and a cripple.

Although he was a college graduate and just as smart as any other student, brighter than most, actually, he couldn't talk.  The owners of the hotel in which he worked offered to pay for speech lessons.  He accepted and began to learn to talk all over again.  He learned.  He flawlessly delivered a speech at a high school sports banquet in front of 700 persons, he said it was the greatest moment of his life.  Going 17 for 17 at the free throw line against the Golden State Warriors did not compare to that standing ovation.

He returned to basketball as the Community Relations director for the Chicago Bulls in 1992.  They retired his jersey, #10, on January 14, 1994.  He married his second wife at half-time during a Bulls-Spurs game December 8, 1995.  And now he speaks to 350,000 kids every yers across the country.  What does he say?

"I never stuttered in my dreams."

Everything begins with a dream and you can't accomplish anything with out a dream.  May you have pleasant dreams and think about Bob Love and his accomp.lishments.

I've asked Santa for a box of mints for Christmas.  I'd prefer the Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco and West Point mints!  

Bob Love, born December 8, 1942,  still works with the Chicago Bulls

A lesson of Basketball Love

To all of you who visit and read our website, I just thought I'd give you a seasonal greeting and wish you the happiest of holidays, however you celebrate, whichever holidays you celebrate, and respect that the holidays always bring joy to some and misery to others.  May your bad memories be healed, your hurts abated, your  good memories enhanced, and your wishes fulfilled.   Please know that our shared hobby is meant to bring us pleasant experiences, good memories, and fulfilled dreams.  Season's Greetings!


( You can hum or sing the tune if you wish )

Seagulls sing, are you listening?

At the beach, surf is glistening;

A beautiful sight, a sunset tonight

Walking' in a winter wonderland!

Stored away are the snow skis,

Here we stay in our short sleeves;

You sing a new song, "This is where we belong!"

Living' in a winter wonderland!

In the yard we can trim a palm tree

Then pretend to shovel lots of snow!

You'll say, "Do you miss it?" I'll say, No, ma'am!"

"I feel younger by the minute don't you know?"

Later on we'll conspire,

And grill some shrimp on the fire,

The plans we have made include sun and some shade

Walking in a winter wonderland.

Compiled by:   Mark Trout,

Web master  and President of the 

Ocala Coin Club

And a collector of type coins, Jefferson nickels, small dollars, Souvenir cards, interesting currencies, F.U.N. tokens and  Wooden nickels, and a hodgepodge of most other numismatic collectibles!