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​The Winter F.U.N. Show is the largest coin show in the country!  It has a great attendance.  It has so many dealers.  It has so many educational opportunities.  It has exhibits, a fabulous auction, demonstrations, and opportunities for the serious numismatist and the novice coin collector!  There is no place more magical in Florida, no matter what their hype!  The Orange County Convention Center is THE PLACE1

Of all the events happening at the turn of the calendar this year, the biggest is not played on a ball field, it's not aired on international television, nor is it held at a circular race track.  The biggest event that comes at the turn of the calendar for us who love numismatics is the Winter F.U.N. Show - January 9-13, 2019! 

Compiled by:   Mark Trout,

Web master  and President of the 

Ocala Coin Club

And a collector of type coins, Jefferson nickels, small dollars, Souvenir cards, interesting currencies, F.U.N. tokens and  Wooden nickels, and a hodgepodge of most other numismatic collectibles!

​Whether you come for the coins, the currency, the companies that protect your most precious holdings (ICG, PCGS, ANACS, NGC, PMG) supplies from Wizard or others, publications like Coin World, Numismatic News, Coins, CoinAge, Paper Money News, World Coins, or to see the exhibits or listen to the presentations, you can find a way to fill your day.  If you are serious about the great additions to your collection, be sure and view the auction lots that are offered each evening in the auction preview room previous to the auction each evening.  The world at a F.U.N. Show will entertain you from Ancients to tokens, from bullion to rarities, and from the depths of your "Red Book" search to your greatest dreams.  Come share our hobby, our businesses, our passions at the biggest event in January! 

​Once that ribbon is cut, the opportunities for acquiring a broader education, a prized coin, an improved collection, a magnificent piece of currency, or a portion of history you can hold in your hand awaits!  We are proud of our statewide organization, the officers and the dealers, the presenters, and the vendors who contribute to make this event the championship super-bowl legendary event of each January!  Come be a part of numismatic history and make the journey to F.U.N. 2019.