Have you taken the time to examine a Lincoln cent from your pocket change?  Above Lincoln's head appears the words "IN GOD WE TRUST" - the same reference can found on other U. S. coins.  How did these words come to be on our coins?

​In 1861, the Rev. M. R. Watkinson of Pennsylvania wrote to the Secretary of the Treasury suggesting that "God" be recognized on our coinage.  Times were difficult in 1861; the Civil War was just beginning and the Secretary of the Treasury thought it was a good idea and said, "The trust of our people in God should be declared on our National coinage."

​Various mottos were considered and it took until 1864 before "In God We Trust" was adopted as the official motto.  This motto first appeared on the two-cent piece.  As years went by the motto was added to other coins as well.

​In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt objected to the motto and had the $10 and $20 gold piece minted without the motto.  But in 1908, Congress intervened and 

restored the motto.  The motto has been with us ever since with the exception of the Barber dime, the Liberty Head nickel, and the Buffalo nickel.  The motto was left off these coins supposed due to lack of space!

​In God we Trust on our currency is another story and I will save that for another time.  Thanks for reading the Ocala Coin Club website.

Compiled by:   Mark Trout,

Web master  and President of the 

Ocala Coin Club

And a collector of type coins, Jefferson nickels, small dollars, Souvenir cards, interesting currencies, F.U.N. tokens and  Wooden nickels, and a hodgepodge of most other numismatic collectibles!

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Are you a collector of the odd and unusual?  Here's a Lincoln cent you might want to add to your collection!  Coin Collecting can appeal to anyone!  And if you are into Sherlock Holmes as well as coins, tokens, medals, and foreign coins, the collecting bug may have bit you again!  Happy hunting - and notice it's Sherlock HOMES, not Holmes!

​Garry Huffman, the president of Sherlock Homes of Indiana, reported that for five years they produced a collector penny that has the silhouette of Sherlock Holmes micro engraved on a U.S. one cent piece.

Various dates and mint marks were used for this project.  In an attempt to get examples of these collector pennies into the hands of collectors, Gary and his daughter mailed 3 examples to 3 different coin dealers in all 50 states.  So, there is some hope you might be able to find one of these near your home!

Our thanks to Gary Huffman of Sherlock Homes of Indiana for supplying us with this information.​

Do you collect chips?  What about tokens?  Have you found or seen these?  There's a club that specializes in Holmes, another for chips, and another for medals an tokens!  Take a moment and learn something new about our hobby! 

Back in 1960, when the Token and Medal Society was formed, the group’s founders coined (pardon the pun) the word EXONUMIA to describe what they collected – simply NOT MONEY. For our purposes here, we catalog any items that are a substitute for cash or monetary transactions. There is a speciality club, the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club, for the collectors of these items well be discussing in this post. To date, we are not aware of any casino chips that have Sherlockian themes, but there are a few poker chips that are available. Back in February 2017, we reported on several of these chips. We now can report on two additional designs.

Our first chip features a profile of Holmes, facing left, wearing a deerstalker cap and smoking a pipe. The entire design is composed of quotes from the Sherlock Holmes stories. The second chip is an homage to both Dr. Who and Sherlock Holmes, featuring a TARDIS device with a door that is from 221B Baker Street.

These can be purchased individually or in packs of ten from Cow Cow. Five colors are available for the borders on the edge — black, red, blue, green and orange.

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