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Anything you want to know about Lincoln Cent?  Here's a beauftiful website: www.lincolncentsonline.com.

Our regular monthly auctions (January through November) feature both US and foreign coins and currency, tokens, medals and bullion. Some items are complete collections while others are merely a sample or numismatic literature. We ask that each of the lots be valued at a minimum of $5.00, but more valuable items may have a reserve set. We appreciate the variety and spectrum of numismatics that are offered for auction each month.  Anyone attending may bid on items; only members may place lots in the auction.

To learn more about the exciting world of numismatics, consult these resources:

Next Collect-o-Rama Auction  --  May, 2018!!!!

​(No January Collect-o-Rama Auction because the coin show week.)

On months that we have a fifth Tuesday, we feature a special auction night. We call these special auctions "Collect-o-rama Auctions" because we offer everyone the opportunity to have other non-numismatic items in the auction. We often collect more than coins and  currency! We have had comic books, sports cards, golf clubs, literature works, potted plants, figurines, glassware, framed prints, sports cards, spoon collections, knives, special boxes, storage items, and safes. We even had a pick-up truck!  We are willing to feature everything and anything except guns. No firearms are permitted in the auction, but there have been numerous items of interest that are well  beyond coins and currency.