The Second Educational Note - 1896  $2 Silver Certificate ​"Science" presenting the "children" of

steam and electricity to Commerce and Manufacture. 

The change to thise images caused a great concern for the "New York Society for the Suppression of Vice."  Allegedly, their secretary, Anthony Comstock, pressured the Treasury Department to clothe the two figures on the $5 silver certificate of 1896.  A lady also wrote to the treasury and expressed her dissatisfaction with the new money as a "distinct insult to our sex."  Thus began a crusade to protect public morals.

There is one truth about change:  it is always with us.  There have always been changes; there will always be changes.  Listen to seasoned collectors talk about their early days of building their collections of Buffalo nickels or Mercury dimes from circulation.  Learn about the "Roll Boom" of the  sixties.  Hear the minute by minute accounts of the silver explosion of 1981. Pick sides or pick an argument about the grading services.  There will always be changes to our hobby!​

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​​Sometimes changes are threatening.   Consider The New York Times report in the August 15, 1897, edition concerning the entire 1897 series of silver certificates so recently issued and now being revised.  The new series seemed "doomed to be retired before it was fully completed.  The whole series has proved unsuccessful from the point of view of handlers of money.  The first objections to them was that they were new in design."

​The pronouncement may have been accurate for the time, but the Educational notes of the 1896 issue in $1, $2, and $5 denominations have a great collector appeal.  These silver certificates are readily collectible in nearly any condition, although crisp pieces carry handsome premiums.  Their engravings and artistic designs are considered beautiful by some and lurid by others.

​​The First Educational Note  -  1896 $1 Silver Certificate History instructing youth , with the Constitution,  the Washington Monument and the Capitol in the background, and the names of great Americans in the Wreaths around the boarder.

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​Who knows what people will collect 100 years from now?  Perhaps we should be accumulating some of those U. S. Mint products we by-pass so easily!  ​Pay attention to wooden nickels, tokens, medals, old currencies, foreign coins, elongated cents, even proof sets and mint sets.  There are collectors for these and other treasures besides PCGS, NGC, ANACS, and ICG slabs!  Some people even collect beads, stones, and Yap money!  Be sure and check all the alternatives - our hobby changes with the flow of the calendar, generations, and possibilities!  Now where did I put those old telephone cards?!?!?

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​The Third Educational Note - 1896 $5 Silver Certificate ​This engraving shows Electricity as the dominant force in the world.

Changes are good.  Even if you cannot purchase an uncirculated Educational Note from 1896, consider purchasing a Bureau of Printing & Engraving souvenir card from former F.U.N. shows and enjoy the history of your hobby. 

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