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Making Your Collection Better in 2018

​​Selectedby:  Mark Trout, web master for the Ocala Coin Club

​The founder of the Professional Numismatics Guild, the late Abe Kosoff, considered it "good luck" to open an auction with an 1856 Flying Eagle cent.  To help you have good luck in collecting this year, we've selected an excellent group of officers for our club.  We need your attendance and support of our activities.  Come early and swap coins, stories, browse, and become better acquainted with other collectors.  "Our hobby thrives on participation" is not merely a slogan, it's the truth!

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Dennis Beasley, afternoon host, is a member of our Ocala Coin Club.  The Ocala Coin Club sponsors the 5:30 p.m. daily market report.   The best in local radio.  Listen from anywhere @    www.1410WQBQ.com

​We offer our next meeting on Tuesday,  February 27, a tab full of coin shows, affiliates, and another tab of websites with which to connect.   Help us add to our list if your coin site isn't on our list.  We will add your listing to our compiled list.  (Use our "Contact Us" tab to email us.)  I wish each one of you an "1856 Flying Eagle Cent!"  Good luck in 2018 building your collection and learning about our hobby. 

​We want to help our coin club members and guests improve their collections in 2018!  We seek to make the hobby more interesting, more informative, and collectors more motivated to invest time, attention, and pleasure in numismatics.  To accomplish this goal, we intend to present various programs at our meeting, take trips to the F.U.N. shows, encourage participation in our own coin show and promote other shows in the area that can help you see more coins, tokens, medals, currency, varieties, errors, souvenir cards, books, publications, web sites, and other assorted numismatic related collectibles!   

Ocala Coin Club Honors Three Distinguished Members​

​Three members received honors at the January 23rd Ocala Coin Club Meeting.  Newly elected President Mark Trout invited past President Lawrence McManus to join his at the podium to present the club's annual awards. 

The prestigious "C.L. Wyatt Award," given in memory of a past-president who led the club for several  years,  was presented to club member and treasurer Peggy Niccum.  Peggy helped the club through the obstacles of becoming a 501(c)3 recognized not-for-profit organization.  The paperwork, compiling of records, meetings with attorneys, IRS advocate, and club board members yielded the official recognition for the long-time organized club.  In appreciation of her faithfulness in the process and in the club's reception of the designation  was acknowledged in the presentation of the award.  Thank you, Peggy, for your efforts!

​The President's Award is given to a club member who works with the activities of the club to make meetings successful and advances the programs of the Ocala Coin Club.  The President's Award for 2017 was presented to Fitz Parramore, auction coordinator, for his steadfast attentiveness in handling the monthly auctions of the club.  As facilitator of the auction lots by the consignors and the organizational details to complete the auctions, assist the auctioneer, and his work with others in the process, garnered the recognition of the Presidents' with which he has worked.  Congratulations, Fitz!

​Before leaving the podium, Lawrence McManus received a plaque honoring him for his two-terms of service to the club for four years of leadership as President.  He received a plaque complete with gavel, having run the meetings of the membership and the board from 2014-2017.  He also received a lifetime membership in the Ocala Coin Club in appreciation of his dedication of the office.

​The Ocala Coin Club, 110 members strong, continues to fulfill its purpose as a numismatic entity in educating, encouraging, and enlisting coin collectors in the hobby and business of numismatics at all levels.