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While watching children depositing their "want-lists" in the North Pole Mail Box, I began thinking about posting one of my own.  If those kids, with their child-like faith in the guy with the red suit, could so determinedly write out their Christmas wishes, I believe that I could enumerate my own wishes for the season!  So if you don't mind reading someone else's mail, here is my letter.

Dear Santa,

As the president of the Ocala Coin Club, I have a few requests for your consideration this Christmas season.  I thought I should get these off to you so you could work on them for me as we start a time of Holiday cheer. 

​     First, could you help me get all our OCC Club members to renew their memberships in January?  I know we have over 100, but if we could get them all to renew, we could perhaps raise the whole membership by 15% when we have our coin show in February!  Speaking of the coin show, please keep our dealers and members healthy so we can have a great show February 7, 8, & 9, at Motel 6.  there's not much worse than a winter cold when you want to stare into coin cases! 

​     Second, could you help the folk operating the F.U.N. show to keep up their good work and their excellent diligence as they welcome all the guests to Orlando for the Winter F.U.N. show in January?  These people with the orange jackets, shirts, and badges do such a wonderful job, just help them accomplish their respective duties so we and other clubs can have great memories of this show.  (And could you manage to let me find an affordable National Bank note of the first charter period, design 104, reverse- "Embarkation of the Pilgrims" #440-451, from Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Georgia - if I don't get one for Christmas?!?  Oooops, I digress.)

​     Third, please help Motel 6 to get their air conditioning fixed!  Our meetings were so hot during the summer.  If they could just settle the dispute between the manufacturer and the installer, we could meet comfortably there all year!  I suppose their manager would like a box of mints so they could complete the renovations, but it would take the Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco mints to help them! 

     Now just help my coin collecting friends, the other coin clubs, their officers and members, to have a  great celebration according to their  respective holidays and best wishes for a Happy New Year!  Thanks, Santa.

​                                                             Your friend,